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Micki Garcia Realty (MGR) is a fee based MWBE (Minority and/or Women Owned Business Enterprise) New York City and State Certified real estate consulting firm specializing in real estate services. Our strategic formulas and organizational framework provide clients with specific objectives in a measurable time frame resulting in mutual success. Since our inception in 2001; we have provided exceptional real estate brokerage services with a culture centered around professionalism and community. 

MGR has participated in Marketing & Lease Up opportunities since 2001 as Team Leader. From 2015 to Present we have been Sole Proprietor. We have built long lasting institutional partnerships with numerous government agencies. Our highly trained team provides time efficient marketing and lease up strategies, re-rental services, and recertification services according to agency guidelines. As consultants, we are well versed in all sides of the application process and candidate approval selection guidelines. MGR is also an HPD, or Housing Preservation & Development agency approved third party Monitoring Agent on multiple homes throughout all boroughs.

We consider ourselves to be an extended component of our client’s business. Operating with integrity, dependability, and following through on our commitments.

Mission Statement

Here at Micki Garcia Realty, we strive to take on the responsibility of being “The Bridge” between our client and their real estate desires. Facilitating with ease their complications of acquiring value and equity through property acquisition and the powerful generational impact it creates. We pride ourselves on aligning with our client's needs and simplifying the real estate process while still maintaining excellent standards of business and a strong sense of our community. We want to ensure everyone's family lifestyle is continuously in a state of progressive mobility while contributing to those around us and those to come.

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